An adorable kitten found in an abandoned car makes its way to the rescue

A little kitten was found wandering the streets of Sumner High School in South Carolina after a car was found abandoned on a lonely road in the summer of 2016.

The little creature, named Sumner, was found by a group of students who noticed it wandering through the abandoned car.

Sumner’s mother, Kayla, said her cat was so shy that she hid the kitten under her shirt.

Sumners face is covered by a tarp and her ears are shaved.

Sums mother said she gave the kitten away for adoption, and the cat was adopted by the Sumners family in May of 2017.

“I was so happy because I thought I would have to go to a shelter for Sumner,” Kayla Sumner told ABC News.

Kayla told ABC affiliate WSAZ that she thought her cat would be a stray.

“She was always so quiet and kind,” she said.

“But when I found out about her at Sumner HS, I was like, oh my god.

I couldn’t believe it.

I mean, she was such a sweetheart.

And she’s now an adopted kitten.”

Sumner was adopted from the Sumner Family Cat Rescue.

Summer, Sumner and Sumner.


Summing, Summer and Summer.

Sum, Sum, and Sum. Sum.


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