Blackman students protest ‘black lives matter’

High school students from Mitchell High School have protested the “black lives matters” slogan in response to the death of a 16-year-old student from Blackman in a police shooting.

The students from the Mitchell High Students Association (MHSAA) held a rally in the school’s gymnasium on Saturday, while other students staged a sit-in outside the school.

They said the slogan was a racist response to police violence against people of colour, and expressed anger at police not speaking out against racism.

Black lives matter?

What are black lives?

article “We want a real dialogue, we want people to understand that Black Lives Matter is a hate crime and we want police to speak out against it,” the students said.

“We don’t want to have to go through this anymore.

One of the students, 16-month-old son of Mitchell student Darrin Thomas, was fatally shot in the head by police on Sunday morning. “

The school is a safe space and we can say whatever we want.”

One of the students, 16-month-old son of Mitchell student Darrin Thomas, was fatally shot in the head by police on Sunday morning.

The MHSAA said the student had been “being followed” by officers on Saturday morning, before the shooting.

Police officers are known to target Black people, and have been accused of targeting Black people more often than white people, with some saying that is why Black people are more likely to be killed by police.

“I just feel like it’s time for people to be able to have a conversation, that we’re talking about this, that it’s a hate incident,” Mitchell resident Darryn Burt said.

The students from a high school in Mitchell, near Perth, took the issue to social media, sharing photos of themselves and other students with the slogan and sharing their own messages.

They also created a Facebook page with more than 6,000 likes, and tweeted at their followers to share their support.

“There is a big difference between what the hashtag says, and what the black lives matter movement says,” the Mitchell students said on Saturday.

We’re talking in the name of human rights.” “

It’s not about the colour of their skin.

We’re talking in the name of human rights.”

Mitchell High is in the inner-west suburbs of Perth.

The school is one of the youngest in the state, with students aged 12 to 17.

It has been ranked one of Perth’s most ethnically diverse schools.

MHSAAAA is an independent student group, and is affiliated with the Mitchell Black Students Association.


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