‘Chile’s high school was the best high school I ever went to’: teacher

Chiles High School, in Alpharetta, Ga., was the first high school in Georgia to admit transgender students and the first school in the country to admit students who are “cisgender.”

In a video posted to the school’s Facebook page Wednesday, the teacher, Jennifer M. Liss, shared her personal experience and what made Chiles a great school.

“My name is Jennifer M Liss and I have been teaching at Chiles for 10 years now.

I have seen first-hand how the Chiles community can be so supportive and caring, and how I have also witnessed the tremendous change that this great school has achieved in terms of acceptance, acceptance of trans students, acceptance and acceptance of the whole transgender community,” Liss said in the video.

“I love it.”

In the video, Liss shared that she came out as trans to her first teacher at Champs and talked about the school.

She also shared her own story about her time at Channels and what led to her transition.

“I think it was in my senior year of high school when I had to have surgery to get the breast reduction that I transitioned to my male gender.

I came out to my first teacher and said, ‘I don’t really want to be a boy anymore,’ ” Liss recounted.

“They knew that I was transgender.

I said, I don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl, I just want to wear clothes and be who I am.”

When Liss was accepted at Chops, she was excited, she said, but when she got there, the school was full of “disgusting, hateful” people.

“The only thing I was proud of was the fact that I wasn’t bullied.

It was really, really difficult,” Litt said.

“The other teachers were really, truly hateful, but I was the only one who didn’t get bullied.

There were a lot of transphobic comments in that room.

But, I mean, it was really a learning experience for me and for my family.”

The video went viral and has been viewed more than 1 million times, making it one of the most viewed videos on Channels.

The video also garnered a lot more media attention.

Litt was interviewed by ABC affiliate WSB-TV.

She told the station that the school had been supportive of her transition and was one of many in Georgia who embraced transgender students.

“They’re really accepting of all transgender students, and that includes my students.

There are no bullying or anything like that, because the school is so supportive,” Lips said.”

We had a lot less of a problem, but they were really supportive of the students.

They just didn’t understand what the transition was like and why we were transitioning.

So, they really weren’t comfortable with it.””

We just kind of said, we’re not here to be bullies, we just want you to be who you are.

And that’s how it went.”

The school said it has already reached out to the district for guidance.


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