Claremont High School’s ‘Barefoot Girls’ video will be part of a new ‘Bachelor of Social Media’ project

Claremont High’s first video, “Barefeet Girls,” will be the subject of a series of YouTube collaborations with social media influencers and creators, including Clovis College.

The video, shot in January and released in May, features a group of teenage girls in their bare feet in a field with their arms folded.

It was shot with a cellphone camera in front of a wall and the hashtag #BareFootGirls was added to the caption of the video, which was shared nearly a million times on Facebook.

Claremont College is a Claremont, California, private school that has students in its English, mathematics, psychology and arts programs.

The Claremont College College Facebook page has been inundated with comments on the video.

“I’m a college student and I’m so sorry that my parents didn’t let me watch this,” one Facebook user wrote.

Another user said: “I love it.

It’s really nice to see young women in their own skins, showing them the power of technology and empowerment.””

I think we can all agree that if this video was made in high school, it would have been seen by all students and made a big splash,” Claremont President John Guglielmi said in a statement.

The project with Clovisc College was started in response to the “Bachelor” episode on CBS in March, in which a teenage girl was shown naked in a bathtub with her hands tied behind her back.

The “Bait and Switch” series featured the same teenage girl on her bare feet.

The clip was first posted by social media user @SassyBuckets and then shared by hundreds of other people on Facebook and Twitter.

Guglienmi said the project was a way to provide a way for students and faculty to connect with each other and with the media.

“We want to bring the Claremont experience to a whole new level,” he said.

The college’s social media page has become one of the most popular for Claremont students.

“Batch #Bachelor is the best place to share your own #Claremono #ClovisCollege #BaitandSwitch story, #Batch,” the page said in August.

Guga said the campaign with Clovemont High was meant to “show a little bit of what you can do with social platforms” and that the students in the video would not be rewarded for their effort.

The hashtag #ClovemontHigh has been trending on Twitter in response.


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