FourFour Two: Two girls play football at a park in Westlake

FourFour2: Two schoolgirls play football in a park west of Ballard High School.

Westlake High School has a long history of hosting outdoor sports.

West Lake High School’s athletic director, Ken Johnson, is the director of athletics for the city of Ballard.

He said that in the early days, the school’s athletics program would focus on running and cross country, and that has changed over the years.

The district’s athletic department has been around for decades, and Johnson said the school has always been a place where kids were encouraged to participate.

“There is a tradition here of us having fun,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the district is always trying to provide fun, healthy and safe places for kids to play.

As a result, he said, the district offers several different activities that help kids engage in sports.

The most popular one is the KIDS RACES.

A large group of children are trained to run, jump and throw.

It is a team sport, and the participants all run together.

They do it for fun, and they’re in it for the long haul.

For those that don’t want to do it, there are also a number of other events.

There are also some games that are done outdoors and kids play tag.

And lastly, there is the SPAWN.

The children can take part in a game of tag.

They get to tag, and there are three other kids on each team to tag.

It’s a fun activity, Johnson said, and one that helps kids learn teamwork.

Last year, the Westlake High Football team had a big turnout, with many players wearing their team colors and wearing a hat to represent their school.

On Sunday, the boys were out on the field, taking part in the SPS.

They were also able to cheer for the other teams, Johnson noted.

Some of the kids also ran on the fields to cheer on the other players.

It was a lot of fun, Johnson recalled.

One of the biggest highlights of the day was the students’ efforts.

I have been around here since I was a kid, Johnson shared.

When the boys got their team uniforms on, they ran down the field and started running.

With so many kids out there, I wanted to give them something to do to stay focused.

My daughter got a good cheer from her dad, who was able to pick out some of the teams he wanted to cheer, Johnson remembered.

So, we went down the track and I had her run the entire way, and she got a nice big cheer, too.

While the kids were running, Johnson told the story of a player who had recently lost a leg.

At the end of the race, Johnson was able, with the help of his son, to get a picture of that player.

Then, the kids got back on the track.

That’s when they ran.

Finally, with a smile on their face, they had a good time.

In other news, the state has released its first draft of its $30 billion infrastructure plan, and it includes a $2 billion transportation bond to fund construction of roads and highways.

More details on the bond are expected to be released at the same time as the plan is released.

Earlier in the week, the Seattle City Council approved the release of a $300 million bond to pay for the new transportation plan.

Transportation projects include the construction of a tunnel under the Sea-Tac Airport, the widening of I-90 to the Eastside and a $1.6 billion bridge over the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Seattle’s transportation budget is projected to be about $11 billion.

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