Harvard Prep School grads go on to excel at the world’s best college

Harvard Prep Academy grads went on to compete in the highest-ranked U.S. high school basketball tournament, but not without the help of the coaches.

The players are known as the “Harvard Prep Boys.”

The boys, all from Huntington, W.

Va., competed in the prestigious College Prep Championship at the prestigious Thomas & Johnson Pavilion in New York.

The college basketball tournament is considered the top showcase of elite college basketball talent in the country, and Harvard Prep’s players were among the favorites for the coveted title.

“It’s a tremendous honor and a great experience for me to represent my school and the community,” freshman forward Jordan Bell told the Daily News.

“I’m looking forward to coming to New York and representing my team.”

While the players are on the basketball court, the team is practicing, preparing and preparing for the next game.

While the boys are practicing, the students are preparing for their upcoming game against Stanford, which is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 17.

The Harvard Prep boys were chosen to represent their school and community at the college basketball tournaments.

They also participated in the team-building process.

“We want to thank the coaches, the players, our families and the entire Harvard Prep community for making this happen,” the team wrote on Instagram.

“We will not forget about you guys, you guys are amazing and will always have a special place in our hearts.

Stay strong!”


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