High school girls in the US are less likely to attend college than boys

High school students in the United States are more likely to get into college than their male peers, according to new research published in the journal Child Development.

The finding is based on data collected by the US Census Bureau.

It’s based on the 2016 National Survey of Educational Attainment, or NSEA.

The results indicate that girls are more than twice as likely as boys to be in college as their peers.

But when it comes to getting into college, girls lag behind boys, with the difference widening over time.

The NSEA also asked about factors that might have affected girls’ chances of attending college, such as family income and whether they were currently enrolled in school or were planning to enroll.

Girls in the lower-income quintile are significantly less likely than boys to attend a college degree.

In the upper-income group, boys and girls are equally likely to go to college, regardless of the factors.

In fact, it’s possible that the higher earnings that female students earn in the U.S. are related to the lower graduation rates of female students, the researchers write.

It could also be that the U to female students are graduating at higher rates than their peers, and thus, the gender gap in graduation rates is not as large as previously thought.

The researchers are careful to note that their results are not the most recent and, thus, may not accurately reflect the future.

For example, they note that the current trends in higher education enrollment are likely to change over time, as more students enter higher education.

Still, the study provides some insight into the gender gaps in graduation and college completion, and could provide some answers to why the rates of college completion for girls are higher than those for boys.

They also noted that the gender differences in college completion could have more to do with differences in the educational environment, or the fact that girls tend to get more advanced in their careers.

“The finding that girls have higher rates of completion is consistent with a literature that has found that the socioeconomic circumstances in which girls were raised may influence their subsequent decision-making,” the authors write.

“Thus, the findings suggest that girls may be more likely than their gender counterparts to enter a STEM-oriented school environment, which may have more impact on the outcomes of college attainment.”

The findings were based on information from the 2015 NSEA, which was the first national survey of educational attainment and achievement in the years 2009 and 2013.

It also included questions about factors such as race, ethnicity, and family income, among other factors.

The authors say that although the current study has some limitations, it is a very valuable piece of information for measuring how the educational opportunities and outcomes of high school students compare across different educational backgrounds.

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