How a suburban High School’s gateway high got a new lease on life

Edgewood High School is home to some of the city’s best and brightest.

The school is located just off Interstate 10 just west of the US 101 freeway, near a few restaurants, a movie theater, and even a McDonalds.

But it also has its own history.

In 1877, Edgewod High School was the site of the largest slave labor camp in North America.

Students from all over the country, including some from nearby Ridgewood, worked there.

The camp, operated by the United States government, lasted until 1865.

The high school was built as a place where African Americans could learn to speak their own language, according to Edgewonders website.

After slavery ended, the Edgewolds moved their school to its current location in Northview, and the school is now home to more than 2,000 students, many of them African American.

The community is proud of its history, and many of the students are now enrolled at Ridgewold High School.

But that legacy may soon be under threat.

A new plan to reopen Edgewold will involve building a new high school at the site, according a press release from the city of Ridgewowes Department of Parks and Recreation.

“This will be a historic site that will be preserved as an educational resource for generations to come,” said Edgewodders Parks and Rec Director Lisa Schmitt.

“It is our hope that this project will not only preserve the Edgemood High Heritage Center and its legacy, but also allow us to create an environment where young people can grow up in a safe and secure environment that will ultimately serve as a model for the future.”

A $1.5 million project will replace the old Edgewild High School building with a $1 million mixed-use complex that will include a school, a sports complex, and other recreational facilities.

The new building will also include a library, athletic facility, and a fitness center.

While it is not clear exactly when the new building may open, Edgemowans hope that it will open sometime in 2021.

For the residents of Edgemod, the new high is just the beginning.

The district is also considering building a second high school in the district, which will include an integrated sports and cultural center, a health center, and an educational center.

That high school will also be located in the area of the former school and adjacent to the new Edgewoud High School, according Schmitt, who noted that the school district’s plan includes no new construction on the site.

Edgemowens new high has a history of success.

In 2016, the district announced that it would host the 50th anniversary of Edgewook High School on September 17, 2021.


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