How high school graduates will be chosen for the new Australian research centre

More than a year after a $2 billion research centre was announced, students and staff will be selected for the newly opened Australian Research Centre on the Next Generation of High School Graduates.

The new centre, located in Canberra’s National University, will be a new focal point for research on how Australia’s education system is changing and the role it should play in the future.

Key points:Students from more than a dozen countries will be invited to apply for the centreThe centre will work with Australia’s top universities to determine the best students to train and study withThe research will focus on the social, behavioural and educational benefits of having a high school diplomaMore than 100,000 high school students will be recruited for the Centre for the Next Gen of High Schools.

“Australia has a high number of disadvantaged and under-resourced students and the potential for the next generation of graduates to have the skills and knowledge that they need is very high,” said Dr Amy Jones, who is the centre’s director and is the chief executive officer of the Australian Research Council.

“I am proud that this new centre will play a critical role in helping to develop a more innovative, innovative and successful future for Australia’s future students and we look forward to the next stage of the process.”

The centre’s research will explore the social and behavioural benefits of high school education, and the future of education in Australia.

“What we want to see is a future where our young people are as successful as their parents, where our economy and society is as prosperous as it can be, and where our society is more equitable,” Dr Jones said.

“The next generation will have the opportunity to lead a high-achieving, healthy and rewarding life, which will ensure they can support themselves, their families and their communities in the years ahead.”

The research centre will be open to students from more a dozen nations, including India, China, China and New Zealand.

Students from over 200 countries will join the Centre’s work on topics ranging from the importance of education to the challenges of managing a university student’s transition to adulthood.

The centre also will study how to provide the best possible education for high school seniors, with the aim of finding ways to improve the quality of life for all students.

“One of the biggest challenges facing our high schools is the high rate of under-achievement,” Dr Alastair Cuthbertson, the new chief executive of the University of New South Wales, said.

Dr Jones said the research centre’s aim was to create a model for future research and development of the next generations of students.

It will also be able to work with other institutions in Australia to develop strategies to improve outcomes for students.

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