How to get your kids to watch The Big Bang Theory: Season 3

The series is currently airing on CBS, and we’ve seen a ton of episodes of it already, so we’ve put together this guide to get you ready for the next few weeks.

If you’re still new to The Big Box, we’ve included a lot of tips to help you through the first few weeks of the series, and if you’re already an expert, you can jump right to the season three premiere.

We’ll also be posting weekly podcasts and previews for season three.


Get your kids started on The Big Boobs: The Big Boy Is Coming to Broadway at the Metro Theatre on May 15th.

The show will be performed by the Broadway World’s Best Company, The Big Boys, and is directed by David Krasner and written by Josh Zetumer and Kevin O’Neill.

The cast will also be performing on Broadway in May 2019.


Watch the new season of The Big Boom at The Big Zoo on June 7th.

It’s a musical that centers on a group of kids in the woods who are forced to fight off a terrifying and supernatural creature by their parents.

The first three episodes are available now.

The second season will air in 2018, but is currently being shot in Los Angeles.


Watch The Biggest Challenge: Part 1 on Netflix at 12:01am on June 15th and the second part at 8:01pm on June 18th.

This is the show that tells the story of the first year of the Big Bang.

It tells the tale of a group at an elementary school in the United States of America who are bullied, discriminated against, and harassed for their gender and social identity.


Watch a preview of The BFG: Season 1 at Hulu at 1:27am on Friday, June 20th.

BFG follows a group on a road trip across the United Kingdom as they try to keep their sanity.

The season premieres on August 22nd.


Watch episodes of The Blacklist at Hulu on June 29th and July 4th.

These episodes are based on the novels by Robert Galbraith, who is also a writer on the series.


Watch an episode of The Mindy Project at Hulu beginning June 28th.

Mindy Lahiri’s show is set in a fictional high school that teaches kids about mental health.

It follows a high school senior named Mindy who discovers that she’s in love with her teacher.


Watch season three of The Leftovers at Netflix on July 6th.

Season three begins in the same way that the first two seasons did: at the end of July 2019.


Watch Season 4 of The Walking Dead at Netflix beginning July 14th.


Watch Netflix’s first two episodes of Stranger Things at Netflix starting July 21st.


Watch Seasons 1 and 2 of American Gods at Netflix.


Watch Stranger Things: Season 4 at Netflix and Hulu starting July 24th.


Watch American Gods: Season 2 at Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon beginning August 2nd.


Watch seasons 1 and 3 of Fargo at Netflix for free starting August 2.


Watch episode of Supernatural at Netflix ending September 1st.


Watch Black Mirror at Netflix with a free month-long subscription starting September 30th.


Watch series of The Muppets at Netflix from the first week of October through the end date of November 30th with a new ad-free experience starting October 7.


Watch this week’s trailer for Black Mirror: The Final Season at Netflix coming on October 10th.


Watch all of Black Mirror on Netflix starting October 17th.


Watch last week’s teaser trailer for The Muppet Christmas Carol: Christmas in a Bottle at Netflix in the U.K. and Canada.


Watch each episode of the third season of Stranger Machines at Netflix during the holiday season beginning October 30th, 2019.


Watch next week’s series finale of The Office at Netflix this coming Tuesday, November 4th, at 9pm.


Watch Hulu’s new series The Black List at Hulu starting November 1st and available to subscribers in the US and Canada on November 2nd and 3rd.


Watch these episodes of Black Panther at Netflix: “The Man Without Fear,” “Cullen,” “Hound Dogs,” and “Hank.”


Watch your favorite shows on Netflix: Black Mirror, The Crown, The Americans, Orange is the New Black, and the fifth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 25.

Watch Supernatural season six at Netflix after it ends in 2018.


Watch Daredevil season seven at Netflix when it returns in 2019.


Watch House of Cards season six on Netflix for two weeks in October and November.


Watch Arrested Development season six in October 2019. 29


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