How to make it work at the high school that got a bad rap

Pearland High School has seen some changes since the end of the 2017 school year, and it has already made some progress.

As of February 28, the school’s academic record had improved to an “excellent” grade, which is higher than the school district’s average.

The school’s students now earn more than those of any other high school in the district.

Pearland High had a bad reputation, and many students came to school feeling like the school was not a safe place for them.

Pearland’s new administration has also made the school safer.

The district is offering special “pre-ride” training for students, and its principals are conducting their own security training.

Pearlland has also improved its financial situation.

The number of students in need of financial aid increased by 10 percent in the past year, according to data from the Louisiana State Board of Education.

The Pearland district also has a plan in place to provide additional resources to its students, such as a new gymnasium, playground and tutoring services.

In the future, Pearland will work closely with the Pearland Community Foundation to create a “student-centered” program to help students transition into a more stable and stable learning environment.

The district’s students also have an opportunity to be involved in community events.

On March 8, Pearlland’s basketball team celebrated the school championship by visiting the school.


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