How to make sure you don’t miss the Germantown High School grads who will be leaving for college or a new job

Germantow, WV (WCMH) — The Germantew High School graduates who are taking classes at the University of South Carolina will be heading home.

The Germantawans high school is the second to get the school year off.

The Germants school, a school with a focus on academic achievement, has about 1,500 students, but this year the school will not have the same number of students because it’s receiving the first year of the new school year.

“They are really excited about this, and they are excited about having the opportunity to have a homecoming,” said Germantwans Principal Dr. Scott Smith.

The school announced the departure of some of its students on Twitter on Monday.

“I have been blessed to serve as the head of a Germantwn high school with the support of the family and the students and I am deeply saddened that some of the graduates have decided to pursue a career in education and will be moving to a new school in Georgia,” said Smith.

“However, the Germants high school has been a beacon of opportunity for our graduates, and the quality of education they have received has been top notch.

I am grateful for the hard work and sacrifice of the staff and students.

We will continue to offer the best possible education for our students and we will continue our commitment to excellence.”

The school says it is also announcing the resignation of some students from its campus in Atlanta.

Smith says the school is not taking any of the students who will soon be going to the University at Atlanta.

Smith says the Germans staff is helping to find other students to take their places.

Smith said the school has also been offering students in Germantwiches classes the chance to go to other schools.

He says the students are choosing to go back to Germantwa.

Smith tells WTMJ-TV he doesn’t have any immediate plans to return to the school but says he will be traveling for a few weeks and he will meet with students.

Smith is the first Germantwig High School graduate to graduate from the school.


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