How to stop the Zika virus from spreading at a high school in Australia

Posted November 06, 2019 07:12:06 If you’re feeling ill, and your parents think you’re having a Zika virus outbreak, they might be in for a shock.

A high school teacher in Australia is calling on parents to keep their kids home for the next week or so as the virus spreads through their community.

Kenny Horst, who runs Horizon High School, said his school had been told to take no further action against anyone with symptoms.

“It is important to remember that if you have symptoms, you have the right to contact the doctor and be tested for the virus,” Mr Horst said.

He said it was the school’s responsibility to ensure there was no spread of the virus and not to allow anyone else to come into contact with it.

While he was aware of the school being asked to take any further action, he said he had not been advised to take anyone home from school.

In an emailed statement to the ABC, Horizon High said it had received an alert about the virus, which is not spread by contact with the blood or stool of a person with Zika virus.

Mr Horst told 7.30 he had been advised that the school had not taken any further actions against anyone who was having symptoms and he would be taking no further actions at the school until they had done so.

The virus is highly contagious and can be passed from person to person, so it’s important to check if any of your friends or family are still home.

Hospital visits are a regular occurrence for some people with the virus.

Mr Horster said he thought parents who were not able to visit would be advised to come home.

“If you think you’ve got a fever, you can go home, you’ve had a fever.

If you’ve felt sick and you’re not feeling well, you should contact your GP,” he said.

Mr Horster has been a teacher at Horizon High since 2008 and has been in contact with many parents who have been concerned about the spread of Zika virus in their community and would like to know more about what steps they could take to prevent the virus spreading.

“We’re working very hard on getting people back home safely and I hope they get the right advice from their GP.”

I would like people to get the information before they go home.

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