How to teach a new sport to a boy from a remote Indigenous community

The shawnee high school boys’ rugby team has had to learn how to play rugby at the school’s rural school after a coach in the school had been forced to leave.

Shawnee High School principal Mark Jones said the boys had been training for the rugby tournament in a remote Aboriginal community.

“I spoke to the school principal and he said the last school year was a bit of a struggle, the students were not doing well and the teachers had all been getting out of the way,” he said.

“And I thought ‘wow, it’s time for this to change’.”

We thought the kids had been doing fine and I think that’s what’s been happening in recent months, they’ve had some struggles and some good results, but it’s not the same.

“The rugby team at the remote school has had an average attendance of around 30 students, but Mr Jones said they had been getting a lot of support from other teachers and administrators.”

We’ve had teachers from all over Australia and the world come and say ‘you’ve got to get the kids out of here, we need to see that we can’t let them go’.

“He said the rugby team would be attending a rugby tournament this year in Australia.”

The boys have a lot to learn about this sport, and we are going to do the best we can for them,” Mr Jones told ABC Radio Canberra.”

There’s no one out there doing what we are doing, and they have a very high regard for their teacher.

“A number of other school groups also have rugby teams, but many are not as remote as Shawnee.”

He said rugby was something that he had enjoyed playing for a long time and had a lot in common with the boys at Shawne High School.””

A number have a rugby team and there are some really great schools that have a great rugby team, but they are not at a school like ours.”

He said rugby was something that he had enjoyed playing for a long time and had a lot in common with the boys at Shawne High School.

“It’s very much about the players, the intensity of it, the way they’re able to compete, the attitude of the team, it really is about playing hard, and being professional,” he explained.

“When I was a kid, I’d play for a team that was a lot more than just me, I would have been able to win that game.”

He has since left the sport, but not before getting to know the team.

“My first experience was just going out there, I’m just so happy to have been a part of this team, to be able to learn with them and to have their support,” Mr Murphy said.

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