How Trump’s election could affect D.C. high school students

The nation’s capital’s schools are bracing for a new president and school officials are preparing to begin the transition to the new administration, with many students being put on lockdown.

Here are some of the students who are affected by the election and how they might be affected by it.

D.C.’s High School Dukes of Brunswick students are not yet in the classroom, but they are taking steps to prepare for their new school and are preparing for their classes, D.P.G.A. spokesperson Michelle Kohn said in a statement Tuesday.

The Dukes are preparing the Dukes High School students for the incoming administration, Kohn wrote.

The Dukes have a strong presence in the D.V. schools and they will continue to take steps to support their students, she said.

The students are also preparing for the new administrations’ expectations for D.S. students, Kato said.

In a statement, Dukes spokesperson Kato explained that the students were not allowed in the school.

They are also not allowed to leave the building without a security escort, she wrote.

If the Dikes are unable to complete their academic year, they will be suspended from the DVS until they graduate from high school.

Kato said the Daks are preparing their students for their incoming administrations’ responsibilities.

The schools have a long history of academic excellence, she added.

The students who attended Dukes were not told of their suspension, but Kato added that they have been instructed not to speak with the media.


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