K-12 teachers say union is putting kids at risk

The high school teachers union has called for the school board to drop a contract offer that would allow the union to negotiate more favorable terms.

In a letter sent Tuesday, the National Education Association and other teachers said the school district was not negotiating in good faith and the offer was not in the best interest of students.

“The offer by the K-8 Teachers’ Union is a clear and unacceptable violation of the public trust in our public school system,” the teachers’ union said.

The union said it is calling for a “fair and equitable contract” for all teachers that would require the district to make the most of teachers’ bargaining power to improve student achievement.

The district’s current contract calls for a contract worth $1.6 million annually and expires on Sept. 30.

The offer would pay teachers about $1,400 more per year, and allow for a 10 percent raise each year over three years.

The district said it would also be willing to extend a school year for another year, but the union has argued that the district could not afford to do that.

The letter said the union’s request for a strike agreement was “without merit” and that the school system should “accept and respect” the teachers union’s offer.

The teachers union said the district’s offer was “based on the idea that teachers are the biggest beneficiaries of the collective bargaining process and that union bargaining is a key driver of pay and benefits for teachers.”

The district, which also includes other public schools, is in the middle of a four-year contract negotiations with the union.

It’s asking the district for $10.5 million in new funds to help offset the cost of new buildings and other improvements to the school.

The teacher union also said it supports “a negotiated settlement” with the district, and that it is willing to negotiate better terms that will “benefit all teachers.”

K-12 educators union spokesman John D’Amico said in a statement that the union is “calling for a fair and equitable agreement for all our teachers” that will allow the teachers to “have more control over the schools we teach, and ensure that our schools remain safe, healthy, and welcoming to students and their families.”


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