Obama: Trump’s ‘bigotry’ of ‘bigoted’ immigrants makes them ‘different’

President Barack Obama has slammed Donald Trump’s campaign slogan of “build a wall” and called the US president’s “bigotism” of “bigoted” immigrants “disgusting”.

Mr Obama, speaking to the University of Chicago, said Mr Trump’s “anti-immigrant rhetoric and xenophobia” was fuelling a “very, very big and dangerous” wave of hate crimes across the US.

“The bigotry and prejudice that has been expressed and promoted by this campaign is not only bigoted, it’s wrong.

It’s shameful,” Mr Obama said.

Mr Obama was speaking at the launch of a book about how the US was built by immigrants, “Build a Wall”.

The president also hit out at the president-elect’s refusal to condemn white supremacists, saying: “The idea that you can call out racists and white supremacists and say, ‘I can’t live with you, I’m going to make sure you don’t live here anymore’.”

It’s just not possible.

“Mr Obama told the Chicago Tribune that the campaign’s rhetoric of building a wall was “not something that is just going to sit well with all Americans, not all Americans who think the way they do”.”

I think that it is really disturbing,” he said.”

I just don’t think that we’re going to build a wall.

I think we’re getting more and more people coming into this country from the Middle East, from South Asia, from Latin America, from places that are not countries that are democracies.

“They’re just not, they’re not safe.

I just don, I think it’s very disconcerting.”

Mr Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, said in his campaign launch speech that the US should build a “big, beautiful, beautiful wall” along the US-Mexico border, in response to Mr Obama’s comments that Mexico should pay for the wall.

The president-trump campaign, in a statement on Friday, said: “It is outrageous that our president would take the bait of a divisive campaign that is designed to divide Americans.

It is outrageous when a candidate for President of the United States would make this kind of comment.”

It is equally outrageous when the candidate for US President would use that rhetoric to attack law enforcement, to attack our immigration system, to use that language to attack immigrants and refugees, to blame Mexican workers and to claim that we need to ‘build a big, beautiful border’.

“These divisive, divisive, hateful comments are offensive to all Americans.

They are dangerous, they are divisive, they threaten to undermine our way of life.

The President of Chicago University’s Graduate School of Public Policy, Thomas Szabo, said that Mr Obama was not correct when he said Mr Obama would “not build a fence”.””

I’m not sure that we should be taking any actions that will make us safer.”

The President of Chicago University’s Graduate School of Public Policy, Thomas Szabo, said that Mr Obama was not correct when he said Mr Obama would “not build a fence”.

“Trump has a long record of xenophobia, racism and anti-immigrant sentiment,” Mr Szabo said.

“This campaign, his anti-immigration rhetoric, is not just bigoted but it is also anti-American.”

“We should be paying attention to how his rhetoric is fueling anti-Muslim sentiment and anti Muslim sentiment,” he added.

The Chicago Tribune has contacted Mr Obama for comment.


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