Trump: ‘I’d have to be the first president to be an immigrant’

President Donald Trump on Monday told supporters that he would have to “be the first one” to be “an immigrant.”

Trump was in Florida for his first national rally as president, the first in the Sunshine State since he won the election in November.

He took the stage at a high school in the Orlando suburb of Cabrillo, where a group of high school students dressed in white were performing the song “America First” as they waited for Trump to take the stage.

“When you say ‘America first,’ you’re talking about the great nation of America,” Trump said to the crowd.

“You know that’s right, right?

When you say America, you’re not talking about a bunch of little guys.”

Trump did not elaborate on his policy agenda, other than to say that he plans to focus on border security, immigration enforcement, and rebuilding America.

“I would have had to be very, very first,” Trump told the audience.

“If you can’t get it done, then you can come to me.”

The president has been criticized for not offering a clear vision on how to make the United States more attractive to foreign investors, and has said that he wants to increase the number of H-1B visas for high-skilled workers in the United State.

“You know what?

We’re going to start making it easier for the people coming in,” Trump argued.

“We’re going all over the world, we’re going out and we’re starting to make it easier.”


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