When a boy’s mother is diagnosed with cancer, the school he attends won’t admit him

Allens High School in California’s Oakland Unified School District has decided to drop the student’s academic record after his mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The student, named Allen, was one of more than 400 students at the school whose academic records were scrubbed due to a schoolwide purge of students with “non-disparagement, discriminatory, or derogatory conduct” during the April-to-June school year.

Allen was one among more than 600 students whose academic record was scrubbed because of a school-wide purge.

Allen’s mother, a senior, told NBC affiliate KTVU that she was worried about Allen’s safety after learning of his expulsion and was shocked to learn that his academic record had been scrubbed.

Allen had been suspended in August for an altercation with another student and was expelled from his high school class for another incident.

He later filed a civil rights lawsuit against the school, claiming he was denied due process during his expulsion.

The school’s decision to scrub Allen’s academic records has sparked outrage.

“This is not a normal school,” said Alex Schaller, an attorney who represents Allen in the case.

“He was not an isolated incident.

The school knew he had this type of behavior.”

Schaller told CNN that the school was aware of Allen’s behavior, but had decided not to pursue disciplinary action because Allen’s mother had diagnosed him with pancreatitis and was considering suicide.

Allen is scheduled to be reinstated at the start of next school year and enroll at the high school again.

Allen has received no formal notice of his academic dismissal, but his mother, who has not been identified, has filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking unspecified damages for pain and suffering.

“Allen’s expulsion is a complete violation of his rights and constitutes a violation of due process,” the lawsuit says.


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