When high school sports teams meet, you’re never going to see the same team twice


— If you’ve ever seen a football game, you know the drill.

The coaches are there to make sure that the team plays hard, runs hard, is focused on their task at hand and doesn’t have time to get drunk.

There’s a lot of talking, and then the coaches do a little dance.

That’s it.

No cheering, no cheers.

Then the teams come together for a big cheer, and they’re off.

If you’re not familiar with that routine, you should.

There are many things about high school football that you probably don’t know.

But if you have one thing in common, it’s that they’re not always about the game.

As a team, the Shawneville High School Eagles play in the West Division of the state-championship football playoff.

For the past few seasons, they’ve played on Saturdays.

For weeks at a time, they are the only team in the state of Colorado that isn’t home.

But in the summer, Shawneven’s team plays in a tournament at the Colorado Rockies’ stadium, which is on a Saturday.

The teams go home, and the week-long tournament ends up being two days.

Shawnevilles high school team plays the Shawanovers, an 8-3 team that has won the West Region of the West Coast Conference championship three of the past four years.

They played the Shawannans, an 11-4 team that had the best record in the conference.

They are now the two top teams in the country.

For all the talking, you might think that the Shawannevilles and the Shawanans are different teams.

But the Shawanevilles have a common goal: To win the West Conference championship and to be the first team in school history to play in a playoff.

Shawanneville is about 50 miles west of Denver.

It’s a small school with an average of around 50 students.

Shawanis athletic director, Matt Haughey, and coach, Eric Koster, are both from Shawannevill.

It was their father, Matt, who helped them get started as a high school.

They were the first two Shawanneven students to go to school.

“It was really easy,” Koster said.

“We just had to get on the field.

The only thing you have to do is get out there and play.”

It’s also a small town, about 2,000 people.

Shawaneville is also a part of the Rocky Mountain High School Athletic Association.

Its teams play a Saturday game, but its teams are all home.

They play on Saturdays, and there’s a whole lot of cheerleading and stuff like that.

It also has a school mascot, a black-and-white bear that is known for its great sense of humor.

And if you’re a high-school coach, the coaches get to meet the teams and hang out, hang out and talk to the kids.

If the team needs a few minutes, it gets to talk to its parents about what they’re doing at home.

The coach also gets to meet with the team after practice, and it’s a big deal for him.

The players, however, don’t get to have a chance to meet their parents or coaches after practice.

That happens at the Shawans’ facility.

That facility is called the Shawaniee Stadium.

Its main focus is to get the team to practice on Saturdays and make sure they get good practice every day.

But there are other parts of the facility that are a little bit more involved.

One of those is the cheerleading practice.

It started with the parents getting together and watching the players practice.

“I think that’s probably the biggest thing that people don’t understand about cheerleading is that it’s not about just one person,” said Shawaniele High School cheerleading coach, Scott Moore.

“You have to get to know them and work with them.”

The coaches come in here to cheer the players.

They come in with them, they get to watch the players perform, and once the coaches start doing that, it really starts to build trust.

“They’ve come to cheer with us since the first year,” Moore said.

The kids have to work hard to be ready for this season.

It takes a lot to be in the top eight.

The Shawanneves play in one of the hardest divisions in the nation, and a lot goes into winning the West, but the team also has to get over the hump.

The team is competing against the Colorado Avalanche for the West division title.

Shawanievilles coach said they’re trying to get in there and make it to the playoffs.

If they get past Shawannevils top-four opponents, they’ll have a shot to make it into the playoffs at the end of the season. And then,


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