When it comes to high school football, Sumner High School can’t beat Kentucky:

Sumner, Kentucky (AP) Kentucky’s Sumner high schools can’t outlast Kentucky.

They haven’t won the championship since 1983.

But the team, which has won eight state titles and one national championship, will play at Kentucky on Saturday night for the third time in three years.

And it will be the first time in nearly 50 years Sumner will play in the championship game.

Sumner has won 11 games in the last four seasons, and it has won four straight to go from No. 2 to No. 5 in the rankings.

The Wildcats’ national ranking, meanwhile, is tied with No. 10 Oklahoma State.

But there’s no guarantee that this season will be any different.

The team’s struggles have become more common this season, with injuries and poor recruiting, but the program’s overall depth and talent is unmatched.

Coach Mike Sumner said the players have come through with a performance that is not only in the top 10 nationally but in the Top 25 nationally.

It’s an exciting year for the team.

“It’s exciting because it’s a team we’ve been able to build over the last few years,” Sumner told reporters Tuesday.

“I’ve been here for six years.

I’ve been a part of some great teams that have gone on to win championships.

But this team, the players, the staff and everybody that we’ve worked with and we’ve brought in to help, we’ve just come through it.

We just went out and got better every day.”

The Wildcats have struggled mightily over the past year and a half.

They lost 11 players from last year’s team, including four starters, but they have been able on the recruiting trail.

Sumners first recruiting class was ranked No. 22 in the nation.

They have been recruiting heavily in Kentucky for the past two years.

Sumers team last year ranked No.”29 in the country and was one of five top 10 teams in the state.

The players on Sumner’s staff have been great.

He’s a great coach and he does a great job recruiting.

They know that the success is not about the rankings, it’s about winning, and this is a team that I know I’m going to have a chance to win.”

Sumner said he hopes Kentucky can play well against a Kentucky team that has won just two in the past four seasons.

But he also knows that Kentucky has to be able to beat a Kentucky that has been outscored by an average of 12 points per game.

He said he expects Kentucky to be in for a challenge.

“We’re in a unique situation,” Sumners said.

“The Wildcats are undefeated and I’m really excited about playing in front of them.”

Sumners team is ranked No: 2 in the Associated Press poll.

The program has won five straight games and its players have been in the national conversation for several years.

That will make it difficult for Kentucky to play a team like Kentucky.

“I’ve always been a big believer that the best teams are going to beat the best,” Sumers said.

“But you never know, and Kentucky has shown a lot of character and a lot in their last couple of years, so I know we’re going to be challenged.”


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