Which is the highest performing Indian school? The answers could be anything!

Google News source TechRadar (India)/NewsX (India), USA (India)- I am currently attending a high school in Delhi, the Capital city of India.

I have been enrolled at a school for the last 6 years, but in those years I was unable to get in.

My parents have always been against me going to school and even when I got in, I wasnt able to complete my education.

Recently, however, my mother took the initiative to send me to a different school and in that time I was able to attend the school and get my degree.

The results of my exams have been good.

What has your experience been like as a student at a new school?

What is the experience like for you as a newcomer to Indian education?

When I first started school, I did not feel like I belonged in India.

For me, I never felt like I had to belong in India at all.

My first year at the school was also a struggle because I felt like a stranger in the class.

My classmates and teachers were very nice, but I felt that the school would not be able to accommodate me and I had never been in a classroom where I felt comfortable.

I would have to spend an hour in the classroom just to get through the class without anyone understanding me.

At one point, my teachers also asked me why I wanted to go to school in the first place.

They said that they were hoping that I would join a higher education institution to study, but my family did not know that I had any interest in higher education.

It was not until my second year that I realised that I was no longer just a student in India, I had become an adult and was getting to know more about the world.

I realised the importance of my education and I started going to college as soon as I got my degree, but it was only because of my parents.

I started studying at the age of 21.

Why did you want to go?

I want to give back to my parents by becoming a successful lawyer, a doctor and a teacher.

My goal is to be a lawyer in the next two to three years and to make sure that I am in a position to do so.

I would like to do this as a lawyer so that I can help others who have been affected by poverty and the discrimination faced by them.

How would you describe yourself as a person in India?

In India, it is very difficult for people to find a job.

Most people do not have a steady job.

I am hoping to become a successful businessman by becoming an entrepreneur and help others achieve their dreams.

Is there any advice you would give to people who are struggling with unemployment or are currently unemployed?

If you are struggling to find work, the best advice I can give is to seek a job in a high-paying job that you feel comfortable with.

I had a job at an engineering company where I worked in various departments and I made a good salary.

I could have gotten a job from another employer but that did not happen.

I worked at a large corporation and I could get a job with a higher salary, but that was not an option for me.

I want to help people in India to achieve their dream of going to a university and become a well-rounded person.

I hope that I have given you some of the best ways to get an education, especially at an Indian high school.


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