Why do we think a school is worth a billion dollars?

The Westview High School in the Bronx, New York is one of the largest high schools in New York City, and one of only two high schools on the list of schools worth a $1 billion valuation.

But it’s not just the school’s size that attracts the attention of investors.

Westview’s alumni include the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bloomberg and the late George Soros.

It is also a magnet school for wealthy parents, as well as for affluent students.

But Westview is one school in a series of schools in the US that has struggled financially in recent years.

The other school on the ranking is Millennium High School, which also in New Jersey is one the most expensive schools in America.

Millennium is owned by the Gates Foundation.

It’s a private, private, privately-run school, but the vast majority of its funding comes from the federal government.

And it is one that was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, which forced the closure of all but one of its schools, the College of William & Mary.

Millennium had just two students from New York State when Sandy hit.

The closure forced the school to lay off almost half its staff, including more than half its students.

“When you look at the impact of the storm, Millennium is the worst hit school in the state,” said Tom Hildebrand, the executive director of New York Public Schools, which oversees the schools.

“We’ve got a really difficult budget situation, and that’s impacting our ability to keep up with students and the overall quality of our education.”

Hildebrands chief of staff, Scott Gartland, said Millennium lost nearly 70 per cent of its staff.

Gartlanders said the school had no money to operate and that the closure and a series, in which teachers and administrators were laid off, had left the school with a “deep financial hole”.

The school had just one new student last year, and it’s only in the past few months that it has added a few more.

The school was ranked by the Financial Times as the best public school in America in 2014.

“Our teachers are the backbone of the school, the backbone for the students, so the students can learn,” Gartlands said.

Millennium’s president, Susan D’Amico, said it was fortunate to have such an experienced faculty who cared deeply about their students and cared about the students’ futures.

“I am very proud of what we have accomplished at Millennium,” D’Ameo said.

“And I’m very proud that we have students who have been able to go on to pursue careers, and have a better future for their families.”

“Millennium has achieved tremendous success in educating our students, and we will continue to build on that legacy for the years to come.”

Millennium was also one of six schools on a list of top schools for student debt.

Of the top five, all of them were in New Mexico.

That’s where Millennium’s high school students are taught by teachers who work at the college.

It also is the location of the College at Westview, a college-level college in a small town in western New Mexico, about 25 miles (40km) west of Albuquerque.

There is no direct connection between Westview and the school.

It was originally a small community high school that operated for about 20 years before it closed.

Millennium has now been in private hands for almost 30 years.

It has had a number of high-profile owners.

Bill Gates, one of America’s richest men, bought Millennium from a consortium of private investors in 2002 for about $1.5 billion.

The university was sold in 2008 for $1bn.

It now holds about $4.5bn in debt.

It received $5.9bn in federal funds to help finance its renovation in 2009, when it was renovated into a modern school.

Millennium was purchased by the philanthropist Robert M. Woodson, a billionaire who has given millions to charities and to philanthropic organisations.

Woodsons philanthropic arm, the Woodson Foundation, was founded in 1988 and its primary purpose is to support philanthropic work.

It operates the Millennium Foundation, which has given more than $10bn to charity.

In 2014, Woodson donated $250m to the Millennium foundation, which works to promote philanthropy and promote academic excellence.

In 2019, Woodsson donated another $150m to support the Woodsones foundation, giving him an estimated total of more than a billion for the Woodsonian National Museum and other institutions.

Millennium students also are required to attend classes at a nearby high school.

The new owners bought the school in 2013 for about one-fifth of its original value, according to documents obtained by the Associated Press.

The price of the property was $4bn.

The property is now worth $3.9 billion.

Millennium lost more than 80 per cent its students last year and has been forced to


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