Why the Ontario Liberals must be a lot more like the Tories

High school students across Ontario are learning how to vote and get elected.

The province is going through a transition, and they’re all learning the same lessons about governing.

But some of those lessons are being diluted.

The Tories, in power since 2006, are in a perpetual state of flux.

The Liberals are in the midst of a long-term transition to the next federal government.

It’s a transition that will require all of the same reforms that they made after they became government.

But the differences between the two parties have been growing since the Liberals took office.

A Liberal government will have to grapple with the challenges of being an interim government, with its own agenda, with all of those other problems that go with being an out-of-office government.

In his book, The Long, Strange Trip: Ontario’s Liberal Transition, Andrew Weaver writes that, like the PCs before them, the Liberals will need to grapple not just with the past but also with the future.

That’s why they’re doing what they’re trying to do, Weaver writes.

They’re not simply trying to go back to the way things were.

They are trying to reinvent themselves.

So what are the lessons of the past, the past Liberals and the past Harper Liberals that the Liberals should be trying to emulate?

What are the things that they have learned from the past?

Weaver offers a few, but they’re not very helpful.

First, the Tories took a hard line on the environment.

They have been extremely conservative in their approach to environmental regulation.

They made it clear they wanted to see no more coal plants in Ontario.

The NDP and Greens opposed them.

The Liberals have been much more supportive of the environment over the past couple of years.

They’ve made some big announcements, like an initiative that’s aimed at reducing carbon emissions by 30 per cent by 2030.

But it has not come close to meeting their targets.

That doesn’t mean the environment is irrelevant to them.

Weaver writes:They have also had a big impact on the economy.

The Tories had a record of cutting government spending.

They increased taxes.

They raised the gas tax.

But they also have a history of supporting jobs, especially in manufacturing.

The Conservatives are very much a business-friendly party, and the Liberals are much more focused on jobs and economic growth.

In terms of the economy, the Conservatives have focused on trade.

That has created more jobs than the Liberals, Weaver says.

The NDP has been very much pro-business.

The Greens have been very pro-environmental.

They want to keep Ontario competitive, but on the other hand they want to be able to make sure that they can compete with the rest of the world, Weaver notes.

There are also some differences in the way they have responded to the crisis in the auto sector.

The Green Party has been less confrontational with the government.

The Liberal government has been more open to the idea of a nationalized auto company.

The Conservatives, as we’ve seen, have made the tough choices.

They took some tough decisions and they have not always been successful.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t succeeded.

We’ve seen some of the Liberals come back stronger than the Conservatives, Weaver suggests.

But we haven’t seen the Conservatives return stronger than us.

That said, the difference between the Liberals and Conservatives is the same as it was between the Tories and Liberals.

The similarities are the differences.

What’s the difference?

There are two things.

The first is that the Tories are more pro-trade, and more open.

They see the world as being in a global economy, not a national one.

They believe that trade and investment is a good thing.

The difference is that they want the country to remain in the global economy.

That is a much more forward-looking approach to a country that, by and large, is more backward-looking.

And that’s what they have done over the years.

The economy is in a bad place.

They can’t solve it by cutting back on our export-led economy.

They need to get it back to where it used to be, in the long term.

The second thing that is different is that while the Liberals have a much stronger focus on jobs, Weaver argues, the Conservative government has not.

They focus more on cutting taxes, cutting spending, and lowering taxes.

And those two things, Weaver adds, are the two most important things that the government needs to get right in the coming months and years.

Weaver writes: The Liberals have tried to do things differently.

They focused on a strong economy, a diversified economy, and jobs.

They were also very open to other things.

They had some policies that were very different from the Conservatives.

They actually embraced some of these policies that have made Ontario the fastest growing economy in the country.

The problem with the Conservatives was that they were always very reactive.

The thing that’s unique about the Liberals is that when they take power, they’re going to have to deal


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